July 2017




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Rev. Fr. Paul Martin

Presiding Priest


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Gust Anton,

Council President



July, 2017

Hymn of the Feast

Apolytikion, First Tone

"Appropriate to your calling, O Champion Paraskevi, you worshipped with the readiness your name bears.  For an abode you obtained faith, which is your namesake.  Wherefore, you pour forth healing and intercede for our souls.

Kontakion, Fourth Plagal Tone

"O most majestic One, we have discovered your temple to be a spiritual clinic wherein all faithful resoundingly honor you, O famed and venerable Martyr Paraskevi."

St. Paraskevi of Rome

July 26


Orthros begins at 10 a.m., Divine Liturgy at 10:30 a.m.

Confessions are heard on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. or by appointment.

Services in July

Sunday, July 2:  4th Sunday of Matthew

*Parish Council Meeting

Sunday, July 9:  5th Sunday of Matthew

Sunday, July 16:  Sunday of the Holy Fathers

Sunday, July 23:  7th Sunday of Matthew

Sunday, July 30:  8th Sunday of Matthew

*Feast of St. Paraskevi Celebrated


St. Paraskevi Feast Day

Although her day falls on Wednesday, July 26, we'll be celebrating the Feast of St. Paraskevi on Sunday, July 30 following services.  For further information, see the Lillian Casten’s announcements below.

Berrien County Women’s Group News

by Lillian Casten

WED., JUNE 7: The regular monthly meeting of the Women’s Group was held at the Galley Grill in Stevensville at 10:30. During that meeting, a number of items were discussed including the following:

In honor of Elizabeth Hahn together with the celebration of Agia Paraskevi, a luncheon will be held on Sunday, July 30. Eleni Edison and Donna Polymeris will be

choosing flowers. Donations from Donna Polymeris, Eleni Edison, and Lillian Casten are providing funds for the Women’s Group to hire David Martin to maintain the gardens, the memorial strip of trees and rose bushes, and weed the parking lot, all to be done throughout the summer and into early fall.

July 30: Agia Paraskevi will be celebrated with a luncheon following Divine Liturgy.

Margie Souliotis and Donna Polymeris are in charge of preparations which will

include spinach/cheese pitas, fruit, salad, rolls, and galactobouriko for dessert.

There is no charge, though donations are always welcomed.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND GREEK FEST: Plans are underway for Friday, noon - 11;

Saturday, noon - 11; Sunday, noon - 10. ANYONE WHO BAKES, EITHER


notify any of the women.

We would like to acknowledge the following donors with a BIG THANK YOU:

Margie Souliotis for the Mother’s Day flowers; Eleni Edison and Bob Filis for the altar robes; Tasia Lepeniotis for providing the Sunday prosforo; Pitsa Arvan for her consistent tending of the church’s interior.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, July 5 at 10:30 in the Social Hall.

On Prayer

"We must remember that the fruits of prayer are not this or that emotional state, but a deep change in the whole of our personality.  What we aim at is to be made able to stand before God and to concentrate on his presence, all our needs being directed Godwards, and to be given power, strength, anything we need that the will of God may be fulfilled in us.  That the will of God should be fulfilled in us is the only aim of prayer, and it is also the criterion of right prayer.  It is not the mystical feeling we may have, or our emotions that make good praying.  Theophane the Recluse says:

You ask yourself, 'Have I prayed well today?'  Do not try to find out how deep your emotions were, or how much deeper you understand things divine; ask yourself: 'Am I doing God's will better than I did before?'  If you are, prayer has brought its fruits, if you are not, it has not, whatever amount of understanding or feeling you may have derived from the time spent in the presence of God" (Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, Living Prayer).  

The Worst Sin?

What is the worst sin one can commit?

Fr. Steven Belonick writes:

“The question of my Liturgical Theology professor Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann, rang in my ears and elicited all sorts of responses from my classmates: murder, adultery, apostasy, abusing a child—but no one guessed the ‘right’ answer.

“’None of the things you suggest are correct,’ explained Father Alexander: “The greatest sin a person can commit is to forget God.  Every other sin, no matter how egregious, finds its beginnings in that one primordial sin.  We are meant to be ‘doxological’ and ‘Eucharistic’ beings—that is, glorifying and thanking God always.’

“Father Alexander’s words were reminiscent of St. Paul the Apostle’s words to the Romans:

‘For though they knew God, they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened’ (Romans 1:21).

“—and I never forgot them” (as appearing in St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary Annual Report, 2016).

Let us never forget!  Remember that God is by our side always, and we will be much less prone to sin.


Metropolitan Nicholas’s Visit

Just to keep you posted, and so that you can plan to be with us on the weekend of his visit, know that His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas will be here on the weekend of August 12-13.  He will meet with the Parish Council on Saturday, August 12, at a time and place to be determined; and he will celebrate the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, August 13.  Experience the Church in its fullness, when our bishop serves the liturgy with us!

Church Yard Sale

There will be Parish Yard Sale held at the parking lot of the Kerhoulas Insurance Agency, 627 W. Buffalo Street, New Buffalo on Saturday, July 1, Sunday, July 2 and Monday, July 3.  4-6 empty cars or one empty pickup truck will be needed to transport all the items to the Kerhoulas office Saturday morning, 1 July.

The plan is to setup by 10:30 a.m. for the sale to take place.  For more information, or if you wish to contribute something for the sale, please see or call our Council President Gust Anton (email: soanton1928@yahoo.com; telephone: 269-468-4161).

Some items that have been contributed to the sale thus far:  Lionel train set, over 200 cookbooks, over 200 tapes, football games, and many other items.

Gust has been working very hard to help our parish grow and prosper.  This is the second year of his Council Presidency, and all of us are very grateful for his leadership and tireless devotion to our parish.